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Single-door Standalone
ID / Mifare



  • Web-based; cross-network and cross-area management through WAN and Internet
  • High security; Use encryption with random code to save finger characteristics
  • SSL ensures safe sessions over the web browsers
  • DHCP and Static IP supported; plug and play
  • Multiple languages supported (ex. Chinese, English,Russian)
  • Online upgrade functions
  • Can access 6,000 users with 2 finger vein template per user
  • 1,000,000 log entries; identification time: 1 : 2000 ≦1.5sec
  • FAR < 0.0000067%; support group number up to 2048
  • 10 intervals per day with 1 minute minimum per intervel
  • Provide 3 types of programmable dates with up to 255 types of date configurations
  • Support real-time eMap dispalying and editing
  • Support real-time event logging
  • User friendly design: opertate easily with the keyboard
  • OLED display and keyboard
  • Powerful management functions; manage based on time, dates, locations, card holder license, etc.
  • Powerful alarm functions; remove / add area alarms; easy to connect the corresponding door while fire alarm alerted


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